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( 2019 ) "short"

Mercan, who lives together with her father Arif in a seaside town, works in an ice cream shop. Arif, whereas, owns the only fishing shop of the town. Hasan, who also lives in the same town, wants to get closer to Mercan, but Arif does not approve it.


( 2015 ) "short"

Nazli is living in a small town of Anatolia with her two uncles. Meanwhile she works as a projectionist and in charge of almost every other thing in a movie theater. Although she has a deep love in her heart for cinema which is not well accepted within her social circle, she tends to quit her job in cinema due to neverending everyday work in the theater.

( 2008 ) "short"

The story of three drunk friends, who want to find themselves in the soup house in no time flat. Will they be able to reach there?

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