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Film Festival

Festival Awards

  • Hisar Short Film Selection. 2016 (Best Ten Film Selection)

  • 22.IFSAK Short Film Competition, Fiction Category, Mention Award, Turkey.2016

  • 13.Marmara Iletisim Short Film Competition, Jury Special Award, Turkey.2016

  • 13.Marmara Iletisim Short Film Competition, (Actress: Begüm Alınca) Jury Special Award, Turkey. 2016

  • 3.EgeArt Art Days, Short Film Competition, Fiction Short Movie Category, Best Third Film,Turkey. 2015


Festival Main Competition

  • 27.International İstanbul Short Film Festival, Turkey.2016 

  • 15.Kısa-ca National Student Film Festival, Turkey.2016

  • 6.Okan University Student Short Film Festival, Turkey.2015

  • 4.Balkan Film Food Festival, Albania.2016

  • 1.Eskişehir International Short Film Festival, Turkey.2016

  • 1.Edirne International Film Festival, Turkey.2016

Festival Official Selection

  • 27.Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey.2016  

  • 17.Izmir Shor Film Festival, Turkey.2015

  • 5.Slum Film Festival, Africa. 2015

  • 3.Usak Kanatlı Denizatı Short Film Festival, Turkey. 2015

  • 10.Cinevana International Film Festival, Turkey.2016

  • 1.International Tres Court Short Film Festival,Turkey. 2016

  • 1.Karaköy Short Film Days, Turkey. 2016

  • Annual Frames Film Festival, India. 2016 

  • Annual Take Two Film Festival, USA. 2016 

  • IndieWise FREE Virtual Festival, USA.2016

  • Tula International Film Festival, Russia.2016

  • Los Angeles CineFest, USA, 2015 

  • Roma Cinema DOC, Italy, 2015 

  • Golden Camera Film Festival, Kazakstan, 2016

  • Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Spain, 2016

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