Oğuz Anbarlı

Filmmaker, Türkiye

Oğuz Anbarlı, born in Eskişehir, continues his career as a cameraman, where he started working as a camera assistant in 2007. Throughout his career, Anbarlı took part in many productions and broadcasting on education, culture and arts.

He completed his education life in Maltepe University, Radio, Cinema and Television Department, Assoc. He completed with his master's thesis titled "Short film product process and its influence on festival awards " written under the supervision of Dr. Hakan Aytekin. He shared the same work with the participants in İstanbul Beyond24, the "Film Industry Conference Series and Career Area" held in 2018 and 2019.

Oğuz Anbarlı, who made his first short film trial with 'Trigger' in 2008, took place in many national and international festivals, including Hisar Short Film Selection, İfsak Short Film Competition, and Marmara Short Film Festival, with 'Pinhole', which he shot in 2015. 'Mercan', which he shot in 2019, was once again a finalist in many international festivals.


The last short of Anbarlı, Mercan's viewing rights were acquired by the digital internet television BluTV for a year in 2020




2019 - Mercan   (Short)

2015 - Pinhole   (Short)

2008 - Trigger    (Short)



2019 - Mercan   (Short)

2015 - Pinhole   (Short)

2008 - Trigger    (Short)



2016 - Hisar Short Film Selection. 2016 (Best Ten Film Selection) 

2016 - 36. İFSAK Short Film Competition, Fiction Category, Mention Award

2016 - 13. Marmara İletişim Short Film Competition, Jury Special Award

2016 - 13. Marmara İletişim Short Film Competition, (Actress: Begüm Alınca) Jury Special Award

2015 - 6. EgeArt Art Days, Short Film Competition, Fiction Short Movie Category, Best Third Film